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Posted on: August 29, 2008

Subho, yes… this is a bengali name and the name of my friend. My friend subho, today i meet  him first time at the  central station and today he told me not to come back in his life.  No, No don’t blame him. let me tell you the story first. It might not be very interesting story  but I felt this. So , ready to listen my story………  Good..Here it is…

Subhankor, it is his  good name. i  mean  we  his friends call him as Subho. A very sweet, caring guy. A perfect bengali guy who loves to eat a lot. He has finished his graduation and going for his masters. I know him through a web site. I saw him long back had a small crush for him. Liked to talk to him but again never got the courage. One day got the courage and pinged him say “Hi….”. I got the reply. I understood one nice guy is there behind the glass. Yes he has a glass. So we started talking.  But all of sudden subho deleted his profile from the web site. Though we started to talk but we never exchanged the number. And i never knew how to find him.. Fortunately one day he came back in that same web site and him pinged me first saying,”Hai…  there remember me. Am Subho…”. I was happy to get him back. This  time we started to talk to him. Trust me i was happy. Felt that some one special is there for me some where. I felt good.

One subho told me that he is coming to chennai. I was happy to know that. then he explained me that actually he is coming from kolkata and going to manipal for his masters. He is going to change his train fromchennai central. I told him fine i will meet  you there at chennai central station. he agreed with that. We don’t know  what happened after that. Subho started to come near by . At last he touched my heart. I was scared. Never wanted to loose him. it is not first time for me. few people came in my life and they have already left me. So the first thing i asked him is time. I asked some time from my subho. I told him,”It’s good  to hear that subho u love  me. Even i also like you. But give me some time. I have only seen your  photo.let me see the 3-D subho. Then i will tell you every thing. But  subho, I like you.. really  like you…”

After that we were keep on talking on phone. He has already proposed me. I didn’t reply him back. But in my mind i accepted the proposal. I introduced him to my college mates. I told about him to my friends. Some one said he must be crazy, it must be infatuation. I don’t know what was that. I know that he loved me. He loved me with his heart. He suppose to be at chennai central on 28th August, 2008. The day was nearing. I was excited. I told him that i will leave my office early so that i can spend time with him. He sounded happy. but some times we used to fight. We used to fight on some silly things. But love was present all along.

But things changed. It was one Saturday. I called him and he told,”Hey, I don’t think am ready for this. I need some time.” I was shocked .. what he is talking about. now when i am prepared for him.. why he  need time…  I replied him,”Ok, fine take your own time.”

That day we didn’t talk much . Next i called him. I never expected this from him. He told,”Hey, i am in love with someone else. I thought it will work out. But it is not.” I asked him about the time? He told that he had already decided. it can’t be changed. So he wanted to go away from my life. I asked only once why ? His answer sounds floating.  I didn’t ask any more thing.

Today, On 28th August 2008, for the first time i met him at. chennai central. He was waiting at plat form number 8.I went there from office. He was the same rather i felt that i was behaving very sweet with him. Again he took the topic. I told him not to say anything.  He had to get  some other train. So before that we had our dinner together. After that we went  for the next train.

He got in the train. The train was suppose to leave at 8.10PM from plat form number 1. So we reached there in time. it was only 7.42 pm. He was carrying three bags. We got in the train , put all the bags properly.  Now it was time for me  to go away. I got down from the train.

I was unable to control myself. Asked him, “Subho, do you love some one else??” Subho,”Yes….i am in love with some one else”. After a pause i told him,”All the best….” I didn’t ask the name. Don’t wanna  ask others name. He replied. He also told that he even don’t know whether the other person loves him or not. But he is in love with that person. I had no other words to tell him. I was thinking about myself. I was so excited about him. I was waiting for this day. but never expected to get the day like this way. I was  thinking all the things. All the past present, and future.

He started to say some thing,”Hey,  i understand your situation. But there’s a small request for you. Please, don’t think bad for me and to soul mate. We can still be friends.”. This time he hurt me. How come i think bad for some one whom i like. I will be happy if he s happy. He asked to go back to office. I told don’t worry. Then he all got up in the train.I was standing at the same place. I was standing there alone and was seeing him through the window. Then after five minutes we came down. “Why you are standing here still. you must be getting late for office!” He told with some kind of disgusting feelings. I replied,”That’s my office don’t worry i will manage”. “No, if you can’t hurt me while standing here. Please, go from here. Please……” He told with putting both of the hands together. I started from the office. He took my hand in his hand and he also started to walk a bit. Then i told,”Take care of your self”..while hugging him….  And  left  the station.

My Subho…left me….. we got separated. he went away from me……Some where for better life for better soul mate……………………….

But you didn’t give me time….  I liked  you… You didn’t understand…………..  Be happy my dear SUBHO..


2 Responses to "Subho"

ur story has the same pain & emotion as Bimal roy’s ” DEVDAS “……….

Deva…if ur paro has left for someone else dont b so dejected and sad…coz somewher down the road there’s a chandramukhi waiting for u…….

find her/him…….

recognise her/him……….

b4 itz too late..

Don’t worry dude, the main character ll find some1 every month to think abt. If August is gone wit disappointments, some1 will make him engaged for September. The main character is so desperate 2 get into relationship…

BTW wen the main character can easily moved away by insignificant persons in life, I think he sud b also prepared for many disappointments.. I think he deserves it as he will anyway get into relationship with some random guy & then wen it breaks he calls it LOVE failure.. He has to realize that true LOVE neva fails and the so called love (it is NOT luv) broke coz of selectin a wrong guy.. I cudnt understand wen ppl take lot of time to even select a dress – which can b many, how come they select their partners just like that..

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