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I can call this part as “Understanding Each other..”

Then came the month of Oct. The month of celebration. Unfortunately Akash.. didn’t get leaves to visit his home. So planned to spent the festive season with his boy friend. It was actually a good thought. Prasanth.. was too happy cos Akash.. was going to stay with him for those days.

It was not the first visit for Akash.. to that new city. He was there before too with Prasanth.. but this time the things were different. He was planning to move to this city. They both we unable to stay away from each other.

As it was a festive season. So Prasanth.. also had some  programs at his own office. More over Prasanth.. took Akash to his office and introduced him with all his colleagues as his Boy Friend.  All of his friends were open minded. All of them accepted Prasanth..  &  Akash.. It was a nice time. They were happy too.

Even Akash.. introduced Prasanth.. to his friends as his Boy Friend. Things were going so Fine.

They went to  different places together. They even visited The Book-Fair. At the same time they had to attain some marriage reception. Prasanth.. told  Akash..  earlier. So Akash..  was prepared. but the same day morning they went to that book-fair. So they got  a bit late.

While coming back to home they had to cross Prasanth’s Office. There at Prasanth’s Office all the people told that the marriage hall was quite far away and Prasanth.. should follow them.  Prasanth And Akash was dressed in a very casual manner. So Prasanth knew and  he asked Akash  whether he wants to change or not. Akash told as the place is far away so they should move.

So Both of them started for the marriage. There in the marriage hall Akash.. found that He is looking totally  out of the crowd Because of his very sporty outfit.  But Prasanth.. was  Ok with whatever he was wearing. Akash.. told Prasanth.. that He would not be able to go inside with this Out fit.. Poor Akash.. may be he had some complex  probs. Prasanth.. Understood Akash.. very well. Even Prasanth.. didn’t pressurize him. But Akash.. went inside and sat some where in the corner till Prasanth.. finish his part of duties to wish the new couple. Once he was done He came back to Akash..; Prasanth’s friends were asking him to join the dinner. But as Akash.. was not felling well so Prasanth.. ignored their invitation. Prasanth.. and Akash.. went out and stayed in the car.

Akash was sad  cos for him Prasanth.. was not able to enjoy his colleague’s marriage but again Akash.. was happy that Prasanth.. understood his thought. They were waiting for some one to come and show him the way out this place. one senior colleague of Prasanth.. came  and drover with them. Prasanth requested His colleague to have some thing with them as they had to take dinner. His colleague accepted with that. At the dinner table Prasanth.. told his colleague about Akash..

He told , “You know, me and Akash are trying to move together. He is trying to get a job over here. Once he get a job here we will move together.”

But his colleague completely refused this relation at the dinner table itself… Both of them (Prasanth and Akash) were against of their colleague’s opinion. They tried to forget it.. But some where it hurt..

The depth between their relation grown more.

As I told in the earlier post that there was problem, so it’s time to reveal the problem. One of Akash’s friend never liked Prasanth.. As Prasanth.. Was not such good looking so Akash’s friend didn’t like him. But Akash.. was against of his friend. Akash told, ”For you he may the ugliest but for me he is beautiful cos I have seen his heart. Such a beautiful heart I have never seen.”

Akash..’s friend fought with him and as a result they almost stopped talking to Akash… But Akash.. had no regrets. He was happy with his guy.

Another month also got over. Both were close to each other by this time now. Trying to understand each other. Prasanth.. promised that coming month he would be there at Akash..’s place on Akash..’s birth day.

Akash.. was really happy to get such a boyfriend…



A love story sounds very common. But all stories are not same . The story I am going to tell it is king of different. This is not a very same love story , a bit different. Story of Prasant and Akash. A story which got over by seven months.

This story lies in few section. The first section is Flirting section.

Before I go ahead and start the story let me give you a short intro about the characters. Prasant and Akash were staying in two different cities but those two cities were quite adjacent to each other. Even they were also from different states. Prasant belonged to a south Indian family and Akash belonged to a Kashmiri family. Totally different culture. but they came to know each other. Difference attracts, the same way they both got attracted to each other looking at their differences. Prasant was bit older than Akash. Prasant was around 28 and Akash, 23

The similarities were both living out of family. Both were sure about themselves. Both were emotional. Lets start the story now..


Prasant came to know about Akash through some of his friend. They started to talk to each other. Prasant asked Akash to come online so that both can chat for some time. Akash came on line. They started chatting. Different topics, as if like it was a never ending conversation. ( I am going to call Prasant as P.. and Akash as A..) A. liked him. But he was scared about P’s feeling. They started to talk. It was 22nd Sep when the most delightful incident happened. A.. went online and P.. was there also. They Stated to talk about love , relationship.

All of a sudden P.. asked ,”Hey A.. in your orkut I saw that it is written as Open. So are you in some relationship ”

Akash ,”No I’m not. But my friend told to keep it as open.”

Prasanth ,”So when you are going to change it as Committed ”

Akash ,”Yeah. Will change it very soon..”

Prasanth ,”Cool!! That means you are looking someone!!”

Akash ,”No not such…”

Prasanth ,”Then why you’ll change and when??”

Akash ,”Why you are so interested about that??”

Prasanth ,”No just like that”

Akash ,”Well will change the relationship status once you say”

Prasanth…,”Then go ahead and change”

Akash ,”Are you sure what are you talking about! I mean changing some thing on net is not a big deal but the thing you are telling now is completely different”

Prasanth.. ,”After being completely sure only I’m asking you to change”

Akash., “Cool!! I’ll change it”

This was Prasanth.., proposed to Akash.. and Akash.. also accepted. Akash.. was happy cos he liked Prasanth.. from the Day one but he never told him any thing about his feelings. When Prasanth.. told him to change the status Akash.. just thought it’s God’s grace because he got Prasanth..

But there’s some thing in between. Some Of Akash’s friends didn’t like Prasanth.. Yes, Prasanth.. was not so much good looking But Akash.. felt Prasanth’s heart and even Prasanth.. liked Akash.. a lot. So their chemistry worked a lot. I’ll tell you the problematic part in the next session.

Till the end of Sep they came very close to each other. Every time sticking to the phone. They were happy. Happy to be with each other.

Akash.. invited Prasanth.. to visit his city so that Akash.. can also See Prasanth.. ; Prasanth.. promised that he would come to visit Akash..’s city. But unfortunately Prasanth.. was unable to visit Akash..’s Place so he invited Akash.. back to his own city. As I said Akash.. was waiting to see Prasanth.. So Akash.. agreed to go to Prasanth..’s place which was in the other city. Both of them had a nice time in the other city.

The month of September ended giving them more hopes in heart. Both of them started to dream about staying together…….. let’s C what October was going to give them in the name of fate!!!




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Who doesn’t wanna see dreams but how it would be if you dream about your own death!!!

It was a sunny day. Everything was so beautiful around me. I got in my car and asked my driver for somewhere. He was about to start the car but before that three small kids get into the car. I was about to open the door but they didn’t wait. They almost jumped into the car from the window. I knew them, they were all dear one. We all took the back seat. Every one was giggling. I asked them to keep quite cos my driver was looking back frequently. So we started a nice journey. We were singing songs

All of sudden my driver told me some thing. We were shouting so much that I didn’t get him clearly. I asked him to repeat. He turned his head and told me some thing. But before he say thing I saw in front of our car a track was standing and we were almost at 100KMhour. I lost my words. But some how my driver understood what exactly it was. When he looked in front we were a few yards away from the track. I understood nothing can be done. I closed my eyes holding my kids hands.

The very next moment when I opened my eyes I saw that we have crossed that track with out any pain or any scratch on us. So shocked we were. My driver looked at my face. He had no expression on his face. I looked back; saw the big track was standing there without moving an Inch.

I asked my driver to go back and check what exactly happened. He didn’t move at all but I forced him to go back and check the track. Before he start the car People came out from the near by places. All of them were shocked for some thing. Kids were holding my hand tight. I came out of the car and walked back to track to see what happened. Let the kids stay in the car. I was shocked when I saw one car is crashed with the track. Tried to recognize the car. I saw nothing other than the number plate.

An Ambulance rushed to the place and started their work. So I was dead now. I knew. But then how was walking!! Came back to my car. All were looking at me.. I was about to say something…my throat was blocked… some uncertain feelings….

With pain in my throat I opened my eyes……… It was morning 5.30AM.

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