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The beautiful Lyrics

Posted on: October 19, 2009

I was listening these musics from 7G rainbow colony , a tamil movie.  I searched almost all over the web but i didn’t get the  English meaning of these songs. At last a very special person of mine translated the lyrics. Now I am going to post the English meaning of the song for  them who love music.

K K and Shreya Goshal sang these songs. The male version seems like asking questions to the female part where as the female version is answering the questions and she blamed to her fate. Never heard such a beautiful music. Hats Off to the lyrics and the music directer.

Here goes the meaning…

Male Version

ninaithu ninaithu paarthaenI thought over & over again

nerungi vilagi nadandhaenI kept walking close & far

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen ohI am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaenNow I see myself in you

eduthu padithu mudikkum munnae

eriyum kadidham edhaRku peNNae? }

Why do I need a letter that burns before I take it and read my girl?

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen ohI am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaenNow I see myself in you


amarndhu paesum marangaLin nizhalum

unnai kaetkum eppadi solvaen }The shadows of the tree where we sit & talk will ask for you, what would I say?

udhirndhu poana malarin mounama?Will it be the silence of a withered flower?

thoodhu paesum kolusin oliyai

aRaigaL kaetkum eppadi solvaen? } The rooms will ask for the messenger that was the sound of your anklets, what would I say?

udaindhu poana vaLaiyal paesuma?Will a broken bangle speak?

uLLangaiyial veppam saerkkum

viralgaL indru engae? }Where are the fingers that warm up the palm of my hand?

thoaLil saayndhu kadhaigaL paesa }

mugamum illai ingae }– There’s no face to talk to here while I rest my head on shoulders…

mudhal kanavu mudinthidum munnamae}

thookkam kalaindhadhey  }– Before the first dream ended, my sleep was gone…

(ninaithu ninaithu…)

paesi poana vaarthaigaL ellaamThe words that you spoke & went

kaalam dhoaRum kaadhinil kaetkum – will keep ringing in my ears for all times

saambal kaRaiyum vaarthai kaRaiyuma? – Ashes may dissolve, would words dissolve?

paarthu poana paarvaigaL ellaamThe looks that you gave and went

pagalum iravum kaeLvigaL kaetkumkeeps questioning me day & night

uyirum poagum uruvam poaguma? Life may leave, does the shape leave?

thodarndhu vandha nizhalgaL ingae– Here’s the shadows that followed me

theeyil saerndhu poagum joining with fire

thiruttu poana thadayam paarthum }

nambavillai naanum  } Even after inspecting the evidence of theft, I refused to believe

oru tharuNam edhirinil thoandruvaay

endrae vaazhgiRaen naanum….  }I am living in the belief that you will appear momentarily in front of me.

Female Version

ninaithu ninaithu paarthal – If you keep thinking repeatedly

nerungi arugil varuven – I will come closer

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen oh – I am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaen – Now I see myself in you

eduthu padithu mudikkum munnae

eriyum kadidham unakku thanthaen } I’ll give you a letter that’ll burn before you take it and read it

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen oh – I am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaen – Now I see myself in you


amarndhu paesum marangaLin nizhalum

Namadhu kadhayai kaalamum sollum    }The shadows of the trees under which we sit and talk will tell our story for ages.

Udhirnthu pona malarin vaasamo? – Is it the fragrance of a withered flower?

Thoothu pesum kolusin oliyai

Araigal muluthum aandugal sollum }The rooms will talk about the messenger that was my anklet’s sounds for years to come

Udainthu pona valayalin banthamo? – Is it the bond of a broken bangle?

Ullangayil veppan saerkum viralgal unthan kayil – Yours are the fingers that bring warmth to my palm

Tholil sainthu kadhaigal paesa namathu vidhiyil illai – our fates does not allow us to speak leaning on each other’s shoulder

Muthal kanavu pothumey kadhala – enough of your first dream love

Kangal thiranthidu… – open your eyes

(ninaithu ninaithu…)

paesi poana vaarthaigaL ellaam

Unathu paechil kalanthey irukkum }- All those spoken words will remain in your speech

Ulagam aliyum uruvam aliyuma? – the world might get destroyed but the shape doesn’t

paarthu poana paarvaigaL ellaam

pagalum iravum unnudan irukkum  }- All the looks that I left behind will remain with you through day and night

Unathu vizhigal ennai marakkuma? – Will your eyes forget me?

thodarndhu vandha nizhalin bimbam }

Vandhu vandhu pogum…    }– The shadow that kept following keeps coming & going

thiruttu poana thadayam irunthum }

Thirumbi varuven naanum   }– Even if the evidence suggest theft, I will return

Oru tharunam ennada kadhala

Unnul vaalgiraen   }– What’s there in a moment while I live within you my love.


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Thanks man… i was searching for the meaning from long time…. you effort is great… i love this song…

My Pleasure..

Sry for writing Off-Topic – which WordPress theme do you use? Looks cool.

Hi coolantee

I am using ‘Albeo’ by Elena G.

A light and colorful two-column theme.

Hey super pa. i dindnt c this like thing

lovely lyrics and an awesome meaning thank you very much for the lyrics and the meaning great effort keep going!!!!!!!!

My Pleasure..

Thank you for the english meaning! U ve written it very clearly. I Haven’t seen such a clear writing! Great Music and Lyrics !

My Pleasure..

Thanks so much ! Really appreciate your effort.

My Pleasure..

i was searching for the meaning and thankfully you shared it with us

My Pleasure..

thanx for the lyrics. I was in search for a long time and finally got it. Hope the telugu version has the same meaning instead of having shorter length than tamizh

Hi Pramod will post it if I can find the translation

Thanks Buddy..

My Pleasure..

Can you translate “Vidai Vidai kodu vizhiye kannerin payanamithu” song from piriyatha varam veandum in English?

Hi Deepa,

I will try.

wow ! Have been singing it from so many years but didnt know the real meaning.. Thank u so much

My Pleasure..

Thnks its great i know this songs from years but didn’t know meaning

My Pleasure…

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