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Reality or Hallucination??

Posted on: February 8, 2010

Few days back at work my colleague Maya (I promised her not to take the real name) described me that she encountered some supernatural activity at her home. Her house is somewhere outskirt of Chennai surrounded by coconut trees. As it’s outskirt so there would be enough distance between two houses.

She is from a Hindu family and conservative too. At her home everyone agreed that they have heard some anklets sound sometime at night. They also told that the anklet sound will stop exactly near the window. In spite of the sound they still have not faced any other big problems till the last Saturday.

On this Saturday night she was sleeping in her room next to the window. Her sister was also sleeping with her. It was almost night 2 AM when she woke up by the anklets sound. She was scared to death. Maya closed her eyes and started praying. Once she started praying she felt someone is pulling her bed sheet towards the closed window. Immediately after that she felt that some force started coming up from her leg and came up to her neck. The force started to press her neck. She started to pray loudly and once the force became little light she just got up from her bed and ran to the other room.

I am not going to judge whether ghost is real or not. I am trying to see whether her experience matches with any psychological explanation or not. Some points I got from her like,

*At her home everybody believes about the anklets sound which proves that they have already built a strong believes about it. They also explained that the sound would be not so irregular. So is it only their unconscious mind or kind of imagination?

*She agreed that this was not the first time for such an incident. She already felt the same earlier but that was long ago but then she felt it as dream. She might have dreamed this time as well and her unconscious mind made her believe that it was true. May be it was a basic fear which turned into imagination or rather hallucination.

*That night she had vegetable for dinner. If there was a problem in digestion then she might have felt pressure on the chest because of gastric issue.

* She tried to wake up her sister up but she was not able to. As a reason I can say that both were sleeping in different bed.

* The sound of anklet, may it was because of wind.

Once again I am not going to judge about the existence of ghost. I am trying to judge what exactly Maya felt was that real or was that her unconscious mind? She told that everything was real.

What you guys think??


8 Responses to "Reality or Hallucination??"

I guess your colleague have been experiencing what is known as ‘Sleep paralysis’ which is usually thought of as a ‘force pressing you down while you sleep and you can’t move’. You can even google it and see what it means. It’s quite common and is always mistaken for ghost activity. The anklet sounds…well the closest thing wuold be the sound of crickets at night which can very easily resemble anklet sounds….very surprisingly they sound exactly like someone walking around. Add to that a predispositional belief in ghosts and whoosh…you’ve got a ghost wearing anklet walking around your house/room/etc. This is simple common sense.

Many people will just call this thing rubbish..but it’s not. I’m a tech guy who doesn’t believe in irrational superstitions. But I’m not lying when I say that me and my sister had this kind of experience..not just one time, but numerous times. I have this habit of studying late in the night or very early in the morning from childhood. During those times, it is a regular experience for me and my sister to hear anklet sounds. We were wide awake all those times. And don’t think that we confused some insect sounds with anklet sounds. They were clear, loud anklet sounds and the sounds are not stationary at a single place. The sound keeps shifting place as if someone is walking or running. Few times we used to hear the sound inside our home. Need less to say, we were pretty scared at that time and I’m scared now too when I’m sleeping alone and I hear these sounds during the night.

Even i have experienced the same thing..i have told about this to my mom many times but she said that i was nothing

Hello Chaitanya. I’m having the same problem too. My whole society and and friends can hear it too near my house and near me sometimes. And it specifically follows me from 7 years. I have tried everything to getrid of this. But nothing worked.I still don’t know why am i hearing this all the time.

Chaitanya u r absolutely right about the anklet sound as it appears to be moving from one place to other place…but this whole situation is created by a part of u r mind…….even then an insect creat this type of sound we just do think its our favorite thing……we r responsible for creating the instance of the ghost

Every tuesday or friday something paranormal disturbs and wakes me up from sleep by early morning 2 AM and i hear just one single sound of an anklet that moment.. thats it. this is following me in my every apartment even after i had shifted three four apartments. First time i was shit scared and prayed.. and these days im ignoring this and continue to sleep and this is not harming me in anyway. I do not know if this paranormal thing is my late mother (almost 18 years since she passed away) trying to communicate with me or my kuldevatha or the deceased mother of my house-owner inspecting the tenant.

Same thing happend to me.but i strongly believe that it was just situation created by our mind and and our surroundings

Greetings I am from India and I felt the same thing. I have never believed in ghosts but now I may. I live with my parents in an independent house the one with the 3 floors. Like the above guy who studies at night I too prefer the same but alone upstairs away from my parents. It was exam days. Exactly at 1:50 am I went to bed and was half asleep when i heard the jingling sound of anklets. I woke up and walked straight to check outside it was dark so i didn’t see anything. Yet again I heard it so I took the keys locked the floor and went downstairs to sleep with my parents. I told them my mom got scared and dad had bad dreams and he was talking about the same to mom.
I didn’t believe it as i couldn’t see anyone in the dark but now i found this thread. I think it’s either some massive coincidence with me or everyone’s mind is playing them even consciously which is highly unlikely.

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