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It’s a realization when we cross a long distance and get a glimpse of our good old days. Heart’s desire is to go back to those days surrounded by the best friends.


A group of college students became close friends. Started hanging out together. It was one of a kind. Everyone else started to think what a funny group  always engaged in themselves. The group also opened arms for another student to be part of them. Got the privilege to be the shoulder to lean on. It was a moment when felt love. Never meant to make it mine. Wanted her to be happy, very happy actually. Never expressed the feeling. Came to know what love is once it was gone.  It’s a realization what love is or what love can be.


How to know if bunking class is good unless classes are bunked! It’s a realization when we miss those long hours of discussion, lunch sharing and the shadows of mango tree next to the big pond. The sounds of electric guitar in college music fest seemed unbearable then but now heart wants to stand in the front row but where is the college fest. Realization of small fights came after the laugh. Laughing together for silly reasons, running across the field like a child was really fun. It’s a realization that childhood can be awesome with awesome friends.


All the friends are in different places. A get together takes years to plan. It’s a realization that life goes on no matter what. Yes heart always wants to be surrounded by those best friends. No matter what this won’t fed in memory. Will always remember and love.