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Jimikki Kammal – Lyrics and meaning in English

Posted on: September 14, 2017

Feel in love with the song and beats and the meaning is quite different.  Enjoy this famous Malayalam Song.


Entammede jimikki kammal –

Entappan kattondu poye

Entappante brandy kuppi

Entamma kudichu theerthe



My mother’s Jimikki Kammal(a type of earring)

Was stolen by my father

Was emptied by my mother

My father’s Brandy bottle




Ividoru chakarayum

Velakaleem othu vannapol

Chilarude thorthu keeri Poya karyam orthupokave

Alakale kattine nee Kaathu kuthan paadu pedenda

Sadhachara senapathi veera




Here, when a shoal of fish and

Game came together

Thinking about the time when somebody’s towel got torn off

Shores, don’t stress yourself to pierce the ear of the wind

Moral brave commander

And obsessive lover




Chemmeen chadiyal muttolam

Pinnem chadiyal chattiyolam

Chumma oothaan nokkathe

Thayyam kalikkan nikkathe

Vattam chuttichorellam

Vatta poojyam polaaye

Vettam kaanaan kothiyaaye

Vettathirangan madiyaaye

Kalivesham poyeda

Ini vesham mareda

Malayaattoor palliyil oru Kurishum koda neram

Malapole vannathu

Elipole paanjeda

Channam pinnam chellam Mazha podikkunnu podiyoothakale.



Prawns jump till the knee

If it jumps again then it’s in the pot

Don’t try to intimidate me

Don’t waste time playing thayyam (it’s an artform like kathakali)

Those who gave me trouble

Became less important

Longing to see light

Too lazy to go out in the light

Tiredness from the game all gone

Now change your dress

Let’s offer a cross to “malayattoor” church

Something that came like the mountain

Went like a rat

Rain pouring down hard nearby.



I love the  way  they choreographed.


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