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This is Aditya here. Basically from the city of joy (Kolkata), now located in chennai, India. Am not a regular blogger. Sometimes I try to write whatever i see around me.

This is a beautiful world with all beautiful people around. For me life is definitely not a bed of roses but still I love to dream about it. Come let’s make it a peaceful place where we can live together and can be happy..


3 Responses to "Me,Aditya"

Please, send me or write on your page “English translation of “thottu thottu” lyrics from Kadhal konden movie(2003)”

Nice to know about you,Sumit Banerjee

In Mani Ratnam’s film “Kadal” (2012) this Magudi Song is the most difficult to be understood.
As I saw the film it was taken this version (video 1):

But it is also possible to interpret
the song like in this version (video 2):

I think this song “Magudi” is something like a solution of the boy’s/ man’s life experiences – good or bad.
But I’m not sure, because I cannot hear these songs very clearly

Maybe you can give me some tips.

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