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Have you ever felt that songs from different stories shouldn’t mingle! But why, it’s just music, it might be from different stories but at the end of the day they are just music. A sound from the soul and when they are sung they become more soulful. My affection is something which I can’t explain. It’s like two different songs from two different stories trying to mingle.

I keep on asking one question to myself, “Why, Why is he so good?”  I am seeing beyond faces, listening beyond words with increasing heart beats yet I was told to face the reality.

Like any other coward person I refused to face the situation and looked at KRISHNA for advice.

I asked him why is he doing this.  Am I just a toy for him to bring people in and take them away? I asked him questions, a lot of them. He just stood there and smiled. Why Krishna, Why are you so stone like? I am pissed with you, KRISHNA …

Hold on…

Are you telling me to be calm? Calm like the sea waves or like the wind, which are always there but can’t see their movements. Clever Krishna!!

Then make me sea waves or make me the wind. Invisibility is the answer I guess. Here I go.

“Invisibility mode on.”

They can’t see me. It’s true, but have they noticed that I am not around?

Oh Madhava! What’s this? Why he is not missing me? Take me with you! Take me to the ultimate peace.

What, you won’t take me with you as well? Then where will I go? How can I sing a song from different story? I am coward. I will not face it alone. Please take me.

Ohh!!! What are that shock and that bright light? I see people with musk on. They look all busy trying to do something but I want to close my eyes. My life is fucked up! Another failed attempt I guess.

Enough I should get up now. It’s time to sing my song . Why can’t I move? Come on.. Hello, there people with musk on help me. I am unable to move!!

Ohh.. Wait, what are you doing all those things! I am alive. I am here. Why are you not looking at me? Why can’t I move? Let me go. It’s paining now. Why can’t you hear me?


Am I really………………….


Few days back at work my colleague Maya (I promised her not to take the real name) described me that she encountered some supernatural activity at her home. Her house is somewhere outskirt of Chennai surrounded by coconut trees. As it’s outskirt so there would be enough distance between two houses.

She is from a Hindu family and conservative too. At her home everyone agreed that they have heard some anklets sound sometime at night. They also told that the anklet sound will stop exactly near the window. In spite of the sound they still have not faced any other big problems till the last Saturday.

On this Saturday night she was sleeping in her room next to the window. Her sister was also sleeping with her. It was almost night 2 AM when she woke up by the anklets sound. She was scared to death. Maya closed her eyes and started praying. Once she started praying she felt someone is pulling her bed sheet towards the closed window. Immediately after that she felt that some force started coming up from her leg and came up to her neck. The force started to press her neck. She started to pray loudly and once the force became little light she just got up from her bed and ran to the other room.

I am not going to judge whether ghost is real or not. I am trying to see whether her experience matches with any psychological explanation or not. Some points I got from her like,

*At her home everybody believes about the anklets sound which proves that they have already built a strong believes about it. They also explained that the sound would be not so irregular. So is it only their unconscious mind or kind of imagination?

*She agreed that this was not the first time for such an incident. She already felt the same earlier but that was long ago but then she felt it as dream. She might have dreamed this time as well and her unconscious mind made her believe that it was true. May be it was a basic fear which turned into imagination or rather hallucination.

*That night she had vegetable for dinner. If there was a problem in digestion then she might have felt pressure on the chest because of gastric issue.

* She tried to wake up her sister up but she was not able to. As a reason I can say that both were sleeping in different bed.

* The sound of anklet, may it was because of wind.

Once again I am not going to judge about the existence of ghost. I am trying to judge what exactly Maya felt was that real or was that her unconscious mind? She told that everything was real.

What you guys think??

Who doesn’t wanna see dreams but how it would be if you dream about your own death!!!

It was a sunny day. Everything was so beautiful around me. I got in my car and asked my driver for somewhere. He was about to start the car but before that three small kids get into the car. I was about to open the door but they didn’t wait. They almost jumped into the car from the window. I knew them, they were all dear one. We all took the back seat. Every one was giggling. I asked them to keep quite cos my driver was looking back frequently. So we started a nice journey. We were singing songs

All of sudden my driver told me some thing. We were shouting so much that I didn’t get him clearly. I asked him to repeat. He turned his head and told me some thing. But before he say thing I saw in front of our car a track was standing and we were almost at 100KMhour. I lost my words. But some how my driver understood what exactly it was. When he looked in front we were a few yards away from the track. I understood nothing can be done. I closed my eyes holding my kids hands.

The very next moment when I opened my eyes I saw that we have crossed that track with out any pain or any scratch on us. So shocked we were. My driver looked at my face. He had no expression on his face. I looked back; saw the big track was standing there without moving an Inch.

I asked my driver to go back and check what exactly happened. He didn’t move at all but I forced him to go back and check the track. Before he start the car People came out from the near by places. All of them were shocked for some thing. Kids were holding my hand tight. I came out of the car and walked back to track to see what happened. Let the kids stay in the car. I was shocked when I saw one car is crashed with the track. Tried to recognize the car. I saw nothing other than the number plate.

An Ambulance rushed to the place and started their work. So I was dead now. I knew. But then how was walking!! Came back to my car. All were looking at me.. I was about to say something…my throat was blocked… some uncertain feelings….

With pain in my throat I opened my eyes……… It was morning 5.30AM.

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