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Have you ever felt that songs from different stories shouldn’t mingle! But why, it’s just music, it might be from different stories but at the end of the day they are just music. A sound from the soul and when they are sung they become more soulful. My affection is something which I can’t explain. It’s like two different songs from two different stories trying to mingle.

I keep on asking one question to myself, “Why, Why is he so good?”  I am seeing beyond faces, listening beyond words with increasing heart beats yet I was told to face the reality.

Like any other coward person I refused to face the situation and looked at KRISHNA for advice.

I asked him why is he doing this.  Am I just a toy for him to bring people in and take them away? I asked him questions, a lot of them. He just stood there and smiled. Why Krishna, Why are you so stone like? I am pissed with you, KRISHNA …

Hold on…

Are you telling me to be calm? Calm like the sea waves or like the wind, which are always there but can’t see their movements. Clever Krishna!!

Then make me sea waves or make me the wind. Invisibility is the answer I guess. Here I go.

“Invisibility mode on.”

They can’t see me. It’s true, but have they noticed that I am not around?

Oh Madhava! What’s this? Why he is not missing me? Take me with you! Take me to the ultimate peace.

What, you won’t take me with you as well? Then where will I go? How can I sing a song from different story? I am coward. I will not face it alone. Please take me.

Ohh!!! What are that shock and that bright light? I see people with musk on. They look all busy trying to do something but I want to close my eyes. My life is fucked up! Another failed attempt I guess.

Enough I should get up now. It’s time to sing my song . Why can’t I move? Come on.. Hello, there people with musk on help me. I am unable to move!!

Ohh.. Wait, what are you doing all those things! I am alive. I am here. Why are you not looking at me? Why can’t I move? Let me go. It’s paining now. Why can’t you hear me?


Am I really………………….