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This is regarding my experience while traveling in train. It was festive season and I was going to kolkata from Chennai. The reserved compartment was full of passengers. I am not going to give more importance on the train but am going to say some thing what happened inside the train. Yes, I am talking about the child beggar.  Well, may be I can call it as child labor as well as child begging.

Two kids of around 12 & 9 got in the train from some where of Andhra Pradesh. They were in rags. The smaller one was standing and the elder one was on his knees. The smaller one started to beg for money while the elder one stated cleaning the train floor. People showed their ignorance and rough behavior.  There were some people who gave them money. I was wondering if any way I could help those kids. There are so many organizations available that take care poor children. Before I could do any thing they moved on to another compartment. Now the question is what I should have done?

Being a not so active member of a NGO, I should have taken the initiative but then I was on my way back home. I was in a region where people don’t speak my language. My broken Telegu can’t be enough. I did nothing to help them but I didn’t encourage them to clean the floor. We always speak against child labor but in some other way we encourage them. Let’s take the example of other passengers in my compartment.

There was a couple with a 10 year old boy. How they would felt if someone has showed pity on their son? But that didn’t stop them to show pity on those kids. They gave some thing around a rupee to kid and continued their work. I bet, they never bothered about those kids otherwise why that one rupee? If the couple felt for that boy they could have given at least 50 rupees to the boy for his lunch or dinner. NO, they didn’t because they didn’t bother. Then why this encouragement?

Let’s talk about another passenger who was of his mid thirty accepted that he can’t see children begging! This guy felt emotional and gave some five rupee to those kids. I do respect others emotions but if he was that much touched by child labor then he should not encouraged it. Rather giving money to the kids he could have helped any children home.

More over behind the screen of child begging there would be none other than those kids’ relatives. Unless we change it from the root level nothing is going to change. More over we need to stop encouraging the begging. Hopefully things will change soon.


We all know what love is. Moreover thanks to movies and all the authors who described love. I also have seen love but never realized the outcome of the chemical reaction between love and religion. Religious believe is a week point of human being and Love is also a very strong emotion. If any one can work on them then it might become a very strong bond. It’s really happening in Akash’s life.

Akash being a son of a conservative Hindu Brahmin family learnt to accept others. This acceptance was not new but recently the same acceptance has channeled his life in a fresh stream. Back in 2009, during lent he met David who is from Christian family. They both liked each other and thought of taking things seriously. It was Easter day when they proposed each other. For them lent and Easter became a real occasion to celebrate life, hope and blessings. .

They have also accepted each others religion. When David was leaving India for his higher study Akash gave a sacred coin to him which his mom got from Mathura (a very sacred place for Hindu). David also gave his cross to Akash. Their prayer was heard.

Standing in the month of Feb they are planning to celebrate their one year Anniversary. Akash never thought of celebrating Easter like any other Christian.  David has also visited temples with him. This Year David is following his Lents routine and Akash is wearing the cross which David used to wear.

It’s wonderful to see people crossing their religious limit and falling in love. It’s only love which can dissolve all the fake barriers. They haven’t converted themselves. Staying in their own religions they respect each other. Right now they belong to the greatest religion, Humanity which taught them to love.

They don’t know what time has written for them but right now they are hopeful about their future. They have started planning for it. Without crossing their own religions they have accepted each other only because of love. They are happily in love. I guess this is the outcome of the chemical reaction.

Isn’t It?

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Few days back at work my colleague Maya (I promised her not to take the real name) described me that she encountered some supernatural activity at her home. Her house is somewhere outskirt of Chennai surrounded by coconut trees. As it’s outskirt so there would be enough distance between two houses.

She is from a Hindu family and conservative too. At her home everyone agreed that they have heard some anklets sound sometime at night. They also told that the anklet sound will stop exactly near the window. In spite of the sound they still have not faced any other big problems till the last Saturday.

On this Saturday night she was sleeping in her room next to the window. Her sister was also sleeping with her. It was almost night 2 AM when she woke up by the anklets sound. She was scared to death. Maya closed her eyes and started praying. Once she started praying she felt someone is pulling her bed sheet towards the closed window. Immediately after that she felt that some force started coming up from her leg and came up to her neck. The force started to press her neck. She started to pray loudly and once the force became little light she just got up from her bed and ran to the other room.

I am not going to judge whether ghost is real or not. I am trying to see whether her experience matches with any psychological explanation or not. Some points I got from her like,

*At her home everybody believes about the anklets sound which proves that they have already built a strong believes about it. They also explained that the sound would be not so irregular. So is it only their unconscious mind or kind of imagination?

*She agreed that this was not the first time for such an incident. She already felt the same earlier but that was long ago but then she felt it as dream. She might have dreamed this time as well and her unconscious mind made her believe that it was true. May be it was a basic fear which turned into imagination or rather hallucination.

*That night she had vegetable for dinner. If there was a problem in digestion then she might have felt pressure on the chest because of gastric issue.

* She tried to wake up her sister up but she was not able to. As a reason I can say that both were sleeping in different bed.

* The sound of anklet, may it was because of wind.

Once again I am not going to judge about the existence of ghost. I am trying to judge what exactly Maya felt was that real or was that her unconscious mind? She told that everything was real.

What you guys think??

18th December, 2007


Today we might be far away from each other but still my heart beats for you. It’s you and only you who ever let me think about myself. Whenever I saw you I thought what I should do so that you can think of me. I know the time has gone. Now you belong to someone else but my heart doesn’t want to accept the truth. Today is the day when everyone is celebrating but I am in tears. I am not able to celebrate it.

Do you remember all those days I spent with you? May be not as a perfect lover but I tried to be there as your friend.

Do you remember all those afternoons we spent together while talking? Those were very special moments for me. I tried to get your complete attention. It was only you and me. Walking alone on the way. The scorching sun or flooding rain was just a reason to come under the single umbrella. Those days I left my umbrella at home. I believed that you would be there to bring the umbrella.

Do you remember all those college festivals? Those were wonderful moments. You were the most gorgeous girl. You looked at me avoiding hundred eyes those were waiting for your one single signal. I felt so lucky and thankful to GOD. I was almost at cloud nine when you came and hold my hand in front of every one.

Do you remember all those puja celebrations? The city of Joy looked more joyful when you were with me. We went to different places sometimes alone sometimes with other friends but all along enjoyed your company, all those giggling.  I never realized what all mighty wanted but everything got clear after you came to my life.

I never knew how much I loved you but I knew that it would be tough without you. Today after the college life when you have decided to live your life with someone else I got nothing to live with. I feel like I lost my life. Life is funny. Isn’t it? Now I have good job and prospect for my life but I lost the hope of my life. Tell me what should I do?? Should I go and attain your marriage or should I just forget the fact? I know I was your best friend in college days and we also had a very good chemistry but right now how I can be your friend? I loved you and I told you also. I wanted to live the same day in my life having you beside me.

I can’t cry because that will bring bad luck in your new life. I can’t celebrate the day because that will lead me to suffocation of death. I thought of killing myself but I am not so brave to leave my parents. But I am going. I am going far away from you. When you’ll get the letter I’ll be thousand miles away from you. I have decided to delete all my email address. Let me live a life where I have your memories. I love you, love you like a mad dog. Leaving you to your beloved husband who never can take my place. But still wishing you for your new life. Hope we will meet some where…………….

Just one request… Don’t forget me………..

Your Friend…..

Sudhir                   “

It was the next day morning of her marriage when the letter came to Sujata’s hand. The new morning in her new life but today somehow she’s not happy. She can’t hold her tears and can’t cry too. Her friend gave the letter to her and also gave the news that Sudhir is no more. Last night while going to the airport he met with an accident and died at the hospital. Sujata doesn’t know whether it is an accident or suicide. Sudhir was way beyond her understanding all along and he’ll be..

Life has given her a lot of experiences and today she is lost


Posted on: February 5, 2010

People make rules for their own benefits. Those rules are not supposed to be followed. Let me take you through those rules. Right now I have a few one. Hopefully I can get some more rules.

Our first rule created by Mr X . A 28 years old an Indian guy who claims to be bisexual. His rule was about commitment. He told that he was sexually committed to someone. In India no one must have ever heard that there can be a sexual commitment. According to him, he was not in love but in making love, no commitments just for sexual heal. When he was asked whether he would accept the offer from someone else to sleep with him, his reply was also different. He said no for any unknown person but for someone known to him, he might say yes. He also mentioned the feeling factor. So one of his friend suppose Y who was familiar to X asked for sex. The reply from X was,”I am not mentally ready for that now. If my animal brain kicks me and u badly needs me. So answer is completely situation dependent”.  A big question mark appeared when X used the word animal part of his brain. As a justification of his animal part of brain X explained that he needed it without any human values just like an animal.

Here X was completely confused and also mixed his ‘feelings’ and ‘kick of the animal part of his brain’. He ended up saying that everything depends on his mood, his decision and the consequence

So here goes the rule (not suppose to follow) number 1 : You can also be sexually committed without the mental commitment.

Our next rule is for Limitation. Mr A and Mr. K are friends as well as gay. They know each other for very short span of time. Mr. A is committed in relationship with someone else and K agreed with that. At the beginning K told that he will remember his limitations and they will remain as normal friends. Here the rule comes.

Once both met  at some common place and K gave a ride to A back to his home. On the way it was cold and the road was empty.  A could have hugged K from back but he didn’t he just crossed his arms around his chest to warm himself up. After reaching to A’s house K just left for the day.

After a few days during conversation K told to A that he should have hugged K from back to keep them warm. The conversation started and went on. In between K expressed that he believes in open relationship. K told to A that he would like to hug and Kiss A while staying within the limit. So what exactly K thought the limit was. He wanted to hug and kiss his friend some where alone. Wasn’t that crossing the limitation? K might have thought of giving a try by kissing his friend or may be he wanted something else by just increasing the limit.

In mathematics limit is without any limitation and we have taken that literally. We can change or increase our limit when we want

So here goes the rule(not suppose to follow) number 2: To do what you are not supposed to, you can always increase your limit.

I was listening these musics from 7G rainbow colony , a tamil movie.  I searched almost all over the web but i didn’t get the  English meaning of these songs. At last a very special person of mine translated the lyrics. Now I am going to post the English meaning of the song for  them who love music.

K K and Shreya Goshal sang these songs. The male version seems like asking questions to the female part where as the female version is answering the questions and she blamed to her fate. Never heard such a beautiful music. Hats Off to the lyrics and the music directer.

Here goes the meaning…

Male Version

ninaithu ninaithu paarthaenI thought over & over again

nerungi vilagi nadandhaenI kept walking close & far

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen ohI am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaenNow I see myself in you

eduthu padithu mudikkum munnae

eriyum kadidham edhaRku peNNae? }

Why do I need a letter that burns before I take it and read my girl?

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen ohI am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaenNow I see myself in you


amarndhu paesum marangaLin nizhalum

unnai kaetkum eppadi solvaen }The shadows of the tree where we sit & talk will ask for you, what would I say?

udhirndhu poana malarin mounama?Will it be the silence of a withered flower?

thoodhu paesum kolusin oliyai

aRaigaL kaetkum eppadi solvaen? } The rooms will ask for the messenger that was the sound of your anklets, what would I say?

udaindhu poana vaLaiyal paesuma?Will a broken bangle speak?

uLLangaiyial veppam saerkkum

viralgaL indru engae? }Where are the fingers that warm up the palm of my hand?

thoaLil saayndhu kadhaigaL paesa }

mugamum illai ingae }– There’s no face to talk to here while I rest my head on shoulders…

mudhal kanavu mudinthidum munnamae}

thookkam kalaindhadhey  }– Before the first dream ended, my sleep was gone…

(ninaithu ninaithu…)

paesi poana vaarthaigaL ellaamThe words that you spoke & went

kaalam dhoaRum kaadhinil kaetkum – will keep ringing in my ears for all times

saambal kaRaiyum vaarthai kaRaiyuma? – Ashes may dissolve, would words dissolve?

paarthu poana paarvaigaL ellaamThe looks that you gave and went

pagalum iravum kaeLvigaL kaetkumkeeps questioning me day & night

uyirum poagum uruvam poaguma? Life may leave, does the shape leave?

thodarndhu vandha nizhalgaL ingae– Here’s the shadows that followed me

theeyil saerndhu poagum joining with fire

thiruttu poana thadayam paarthum }

nambavillai naanum  } Even after inspecting the evidence of theft, I refused to believe

oru tharuNam edhirinil thoandruvaay

endrae vaazhgiRaen naanum….  }I am living in the belief that you will appear momentarily in front of me.

Female Version

ninaithu ninaithu paarthal – If you keep thinking repeatedly

nerungi arugil varuven – I will come closer

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen oh – I am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaen – Now I see myself in you

eduthu padithu mudikkum munnae

eriyum kadidham unakku thanthaen } I’ll give you a letter that’ll burn before you take it and read it

unnaal dhaanae naanae vaazhgiRaen oh – I am living because of you alone

unnil indru ennai paarkkiRaen – Now I see myself in you


amarndhu paesum marangaLin nizhalum

Namadhu kadhayai kaalamum sollum    }The shadows of the trees under which we sit and talk will tell our story for ages.

Udhirnthu pona malarin vaasamo? – Is it the fragrance of a withered flower?

Thoothu pesum kolusin oliyai

Araigal muluthum aandugal sollum }The rooms will talk about the messenger that was my anklet’s sounds for years to come

Udainthu pona valayalin banthamo? – Is it the bond of a broken bangle?

Ullangayil veppan saerkum viralgal unthan kayil – Yours are the fingers that bring warmth to my palm

Tholil sainthu kadhaigal paesa namathu vidhiyil illai – our fates does not allow us to speak leaning on each other’s shoulder

Muthal kanavu pothumey kadhala – enough of your first dream love

Kangal thiranthidu… – open your eyes

(ninaithu ninaithu…)

paesi poana vaarthaigaL ellaam

Unathu paechil kalanthey irukkum }- All those spoken words will remain in your speech

Ulagam aliyum uruvam aliyuma? – the world might get destroyed but the shape doesn’t

paarthu poana paarvaigaL ellaam

pagalum iravum unnudan irukkum  }- All the looks that I left behind will remain with you through day and night

Unathu vizhigal ennai marakkuma? – Will your eyes forget me?

thodarndhu vandha nizhalin bimbam }

Vandhu vandhu pogum…    }– The shadow that kept following keeps coming & going

thiruttu poana thadayam irunthum }

Thirumbi varuven naanum   }– Even if the evidence suggest theft, I will return

Oru tharunam ennada kadhala

Unnul vaalgiraen   }– What’s there in a moment while I live within you my love.

Some love stories never end. People may get separated but some where down the heart love may remain the same way.

But all the love stories are not same. Some where people just forced themselves to believe that the story is over.

The same thing happened for them also. It was some where between April. Akash and Prasanth were fine. Both trying together to shift together. But One day some thing happened. Prasanth told to Akash that he would not be able to stay with Prasanth after the adoption. Akash was stuck. He asked the reason. Prasanth told the reason is not other than the Indian society. Akash tried to have a discussion but Prasanth was not eager to play with a kid’s life.

For Prasanth kid was the first choice and for Akash Prasanth became the first choice. Akash never wanted to loose Prasanth. Prasanth was also helpless. Adopting a kid was his aim in life and being a man of substance he never wanted to change the aim of his own life.

After three days discussions Akash agreed with Prasanth. Akash agreed to stay in the same building but may be not in the same apartment. But it was too late for him. Prasanth saw a crack some where in between the relation.

The same day night Prasanth told Akash that things were not working and he wanted to stop that right now.

It was a stormy night for Akash. The next day morning came with emptiness. Some thing was not there. Some thing was missing. That some thing was none other than Prasanth. His fortune gave him a new on the same day.  Akash won his professional battle and lost his love.

Prasanth even stopped talking to Akash. Akash was into pieces.  They thanked GOD for creating some relationship like ‘friendship’. Prasanth told one of Akash’s friend about all of this. The friend was helpless too. Took no other sides. Just came and stood beside Akash.

Akash became lonely again. Such is life. To make other’s happy they both let their happiness go. They had to for the society for the kid for each other.

The story ended in the month of April. They never saw each other. They called each other but that was kind of formality. Slowly the formality also went off some where.

Till today they remember each other by some songs, some special moments spent with each other. They are none for each other now.